Coming Into Focus

'Coming Into Focus' is a photo campaign with the members of ithaca college's asian american alliance. Through photography and language we explore the concept of self-definition, and the ways in which it provides clarity and creates a space for the individual and the collective to respond to the stereotypes and misrepresentations that misshape and obscure our identities in service of oppression and injustice. the juxtaposition of blurred and sharpened photos represents the distorting effect of dominant narratives and assumptions, which prevent us from seeing ourselves and each other with truthfulness and understanding. the members of asian american alliance share their self-definitions with us in celebration of themselves and our community.

Thank you!

IC Asian American Alliance would like to thank all of the people who participated in our photo campaign! It was an amazing experience. Happy Focus Asia Month 2013!

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Flora In Focus

Vivian In Focus

Adeline In Focus

Bud In Focus

Esther/YooKyung In Focus

Victoria In Focus

Tessa In Focus

Rodniel In Focus

Ritza In Focus